The Silva Method
The original Silva Method® : An International Stress Management and Mind Development Program
taught for 45 years, updated regularly, (since 1966) in 29 languages and over 100 countries.

The Silva Method® is a proven educational program designed to help you find solutions by increasing your ability to focus and expanding the way you think. Six millions of graduates around the world use this proven process to achieve greater control of their lives. Do you know that the average person can only focus his mind on one thing for six to eleven seconds at a time?
Even when you're thinking about something you choose to think about, something you like to think about, your mind tends to wander every six seconds. This wandering creates a lack of focus if left uncontrolled. Your sense of wellbeing and your ability to think clearly are reduced whenever thoughts or feelings are scattered.

Among 6 millions of Silva Graduates around the world, Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and
Speaker in the movie The Secret endorses the Silva Method :

It’s the process that counts.
The Silva Method® program is a unique process consisting of sixteen mind-directed exercises. José Silva, a recognized genius in the field, purposely developed the Silva Method®, an original program, to steadily expand your awareness. This increased ability to focus and expanded thinking gives you the mental edge to succeed. Numerous graduates report successes in the areas of health, education, business, sports, family and personal relationships.

With the Silva Method, learn to use your mind to be more productive, confident, positive and successful... and have a great time too!

The Silva Method® is a tool kit of mental techniques with an astonishing range of applications in every field of human activity.

The reason for our remarkable growth and success can be stated in just two words:
it works!

During this program, you will learn to:
Relieve stress with deep relaxation 
Unleash your intuition and creativity
Improve memory, concentration 
and mental focus
Create a better self-image 
Relief from fears and self-sabotage
Eliminate negative habits
Set AND achieve goals
Enjoy better health
Weight control with a difference
Achieve more success, confidence 
and productivity
Enjoy an easier approach to success 


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